VoIP: Leveraging Modern day technologies for a more collaborative workplace

How UBI removed the shackles of a physical PBX to enable a more productive and flexible workplace.


“Since we’ve moved to CloudaFone, we have seen our call volumes increase by 33.3%  and with the ability now to use a call routing feature it makes routing a call to the right department more efficient and helps us to manage the calls quickly and efficiently. Since our move from our old  physical on site phone system to a new cloud based VoIP PBX , the service from CloudaFone has been terrific and it has allowed us to deploy staff to other areas of the business and afforded us the flexibility a modern company requires these days at a very reasonable cost. ”

Donal Maher – Founder of UBI


IT Systems – VoIP

CloudaFone Benefit

Unlike many companies, UBI did not allow the restrictions of a physical and outdated phone system to hamper the growth of the company and create a future proof environment for both the company and its employees.

Inbound Call Growth

Inbound call rate growth of 33.3% in less than 18 months.

Inbound call success rate to our agents 98% via call routing.


The Challenge

Like all business these days, UBI wanted to ensure their business could expand while offering their employees a flexible working environment and also reducing the overhead of a traditional on-premise phone system.

Our Strategy

With the use of VoIP across the internet as its backbone. This means that CloudaFone can take advantage of the economies of scale that this technology can offer. Our primary focus is to deliver the best value without compromising quality and deliver lower running costs (compared to traditional landline providers) thus provide lower costs for our customers.

It is also easier to track and monitor calls. This can increase productivity and reduce wasted time on phone calls, allowing you to make your business more efficient. Alongside efficiency, scalability is of paramount importance to any ambitious growing business.

The cost savings go even further than just upfront spending: with the significantly lower costs of both domestic and international calls, your business can serve a worldwide market that otherwise may not have been a possibility. If your business needs to grow, no matter how rapidly, the system can scale with you.

Technologies Used

We at Loadstone are an IT company, so who better to provide you with your digital telephone system. Modern VOIP system relies on a consistent broadband as well as local network devices or software and we have years of experience with the integration of technologies. We can leverage many technologies to offer our clients integrated cloud solutions.

Business Growth

CloudaFone has helped UBI ‘s employment growth by almost 20%. The PBX has allowed us to expand easily as our needs grew too.

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