Cyber Security Solutions

Email Spam Protection

Email is one of the most important tools for doing business today but it can leave you vulnerable to online attack if it not properly secured.

Loadstone can protect your organisation from threats including viruses, malware, phishing and spam with our Email Spam Protection solutions

A Spam Filter is a piece of software used to detect unwanted, unsolicited or virus/malware infected emails and prevent them from getting to a user’s inbox.

By recognising suspicious word patterns or frequency, and learning a user’s preferences, spam filters create rules and apply them to malicious emails that may target a user’s inbox




Loadstone’s Email Security is an enterprise-class solution which allows your business to tackle the problem of unwanted spam or junk emails.

It protects your systems from virus and malware attacks, all in a cost effective and manageable way




Your business needs an email solution but not the stress of the security vulnerabilities and loopholes which can come with it.

Contact us now and we’ll find the right solution to keep your systems secure and safe from any threats to your company’s emails