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The Risk of Using External Hard Drives for Video Storage: SanDisk’s Recent Data Loss Issues

In the realm of video production, where capturing the perfect shot is paramount, external hard drives have become indispensable tools for storing vast amounts of footage. These devices have long been the trusted companions of video producing companies and editors in Ireland and across the globe. However, recent events have cast a shadow of doubt over their reliability, particularly when it comes to SanDisk drives, which have been experiencing data loss issues, leaving users in a state of panic and disappointment.

SanDisk’s Data Loss Debacle

Over the past few months, users of SanDisk’s Extreme and Extreme Pro portable SSDs have been voicing their concerns and frustrations on various online platforms. Complaints have been pouring in, with users reporting that their drives are suddenly wiping data and, in some cases, becoming unreadable. These issues have persisted for at least four months, leaving many in distress.

The problem seems to have affected primarily the 4TB models of these drives, although there have been complaints from owners of 2TB drives as well. In a Reddit thread discussing the 4TB Extreme Pro drives within a film and video editors subreddit, a user named ian__ shared a disconcerting observation.

They noted, “Multiple DITs/Loaders/ACs on both coasts have experienced the exact same failure with these drives over the last month.” The failure typically occurs after a sustained write operation, resulting in the complete loss of the drive’s file system, making data recovery uncertain at best.Users have described a telltale sign of the problem: the drive unmounts, making it impossible to remount despite appearing in Disk Utility. While some users have managed to recover data using tools like DiskDrill’s filesystem rebuild, this solution isn’t foolproof and occasionally fails to restore the data.

The issue appears to persist regardless of the filesystem type used.These experiences mirror the grievances of numerous users, as evidenced by discussions on SanDisk’s forums. It seems that the problem is limited to a recent batch of drives, with some users speculating that it affects units manufactured after November 2022. This, however, remains unverified.

The Dangers of Reliance on External Hard Drives

The recent SanDisk data loss incidents serve as a stark reminder of the perils of relying solely on external hard drives for storing valuable video content. For video producing companies and editors in Ireland and elsewhere, the loss of critical footage can lead to financial losses, damaged reputations, and missed opportunities.

While external hard drives offer the convenience of portability and substantial storage capacity, they are not infallible. Data loss can occur due to various factors, including hardware malfunctions, firmware issues, and accidental damage. In the case of SanDisk’s recent troubles, it underscores the need for heightened vigilance when choosing storage solutions for professional video production.

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