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Disaster Recovery

How prepared is your business to react if disaster strikes?

At Loadstone, we know that disaster does not usually wait for a convenient time to happen, which is why we work with you to ensure your business can recover and continue to operate in the face of unexpected failures

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity is a combination of processes, policies and procedures that enable businesses to respond to disruptive events and potential threats. This ensures that they can return to normal business operations as quickly as possible, by mitigating against disasters and minimizing negative impacts, should the worst happen




Loadstone provides complete back-up services, and also disaster recovery & business continuity plans for all of our managed IT accounts. We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes, from one or two computers up to corporate networks of hundreds or thousands of devices




Can you afford not to plan ahead and mitigate against the damage an unforeseen disaster could cause your business?

Why not talk to us about your workplace today, and let us implement a system to reduce downtime and return your business to normal service with the minimal loss of productivity and profitability