Digital Assets Storage: Store and protect your content while providing fast access service

How Wolfgang stood out from it’s peers to become a trusted curator of their clients


“Creating high quality content of all types is at the heart of digital marketing. Securing this data while making it accessible to all stakeholders was a challenge, especially with large file types and very sensitive data. Our data management project with Everywhere Data helped us create a system that our clients have confidence in while growing easily with our needs.”

Alan Coleman – Founder and CEO of Wolfgang Digital


IT Systems – Data Storage

Anywhere Data Digest

Unlike many content creators, Wolfgang didn’t allow data management to drag down growth or create an unsafe environment for their customers data

Business Growth

Exponential data growth of 153% in less than 4 years

Days since loss of critical data 755

The Challenge

As digital marketing becomes more reliant on quality content data storage needs expand exponentially. This data can be at times very sensitive either from a premature leak that might impact a campaign or from a regulatory standpoint. Wolfgang had the option of muddling through, hoping for the best or invest in a long-term data storage project.

Our Strategy

With the many different file types and access requirements we implemented a tiered storage system using local storage pools coupled with both private and public cloud. This allowed the system to flex and grow in the area that was needed at the time. The system had to support Wolfgang fast innovation cycle giving them the edge over their competitors.

A system so flexible requires a support infrastructure to match. Loadstone provides data usage monitoring and predictive scaling at part of the support package meaning that we foresee well in advance if upgrades are required. Ensuring that capacity is changed with minimal impact to the end user or Wolfgang client.

Leveraging this tiered storage strategy it has been possible to control the cost of data storage. Identifying data that is rarely used and offloading this to the cheapest storage has helped Wolfgang grow their data storage by over 240% in the last 18 months while only adding 20% to the budget.

Innovation Used

While no single part of this data solution is unique, bringing together enterprise grade backend solutions with flexible user focused tools has taken the pain out of Wolfgang growing data. Giving the Wolfgang team confidence in their systems allowing them to focus on their clients.

Business Growth

Everywhere data has helped Wolfgang grow 10% and our employment growth has been 24%. The systems expanded easily as our needs grew too.

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